Nick to tattoo at Primitive Abstract in Oslo, Norway


Starting from Wednesday August 3rd, Nick Skunx will be tattooing at one of Norways top custom studios, Primitive Abstract in Oslo. He will be there until August 10th. Nick is then back in London at Skunx from August 14th until September 4th. From September 7th he will be doing another stint at Primitive Abstract, until September 22nd. This arrangement will then continue for the rest of 2011, with 3 week periods in London and Oslo.

To check Nick´s availability in either location, please email him directly. Alternatively, to book an appointment at Skunx Tattoo call the shop on +44 (0)2072786960. Or if you want to catch Nick in Oslo, call Primitive Abstract on +47 48181619.

Nick specialises in realistic portraits, animals and comic book style; but as an artist with over 2 decades of tattooing experience, he can turn his hand to anything and will be happy to discuss any ideas you may have. You can view examples of his work below: