The Geordie Camino raises over £3500, thank you.

Everyone at Skunx Tattoo would like to offer a huge thank you to everyone involved in the Geordie Camino, from the artist’s who kindly donated pieces of art to the bands and acts that performed for us on the night. The auction has now closed and along with donations made on the night we have raised over £3,500 from this event which is far more than we ever thought we would so THANK YOU so much again.

First of all we would like to say a massive thank you to Hannah, because without her this event would never of happened, She put in a lot of hard work and made the night a huge success which we are all so grateful for. Another thanks go’s Eric for all of the hardwork and involvement he put in to help us out.

For putting together the online auction and looking after the Skunx Tattoo website we would like to thank

We would like to thank the following for being involved:

  • Shotsie Gorman, USA
  • Tokyo Hiro, Dales Social Club, Tokyo
  • Lal Hardy, New Wave Tattoo, London
  • Pero, Lucky 7 Tattoo, Oslo
  • Maya, Lucky 7 Tattoo, Olso
  • Jerry Old Dog, Lucky 7 Tattoo, Oslo
  • Nick Morte, Lucky 7 Tattoo, Oslo
  • Sacha, Primitive Abstract, Oslo
  • Low, Northside Tattooz
  • Xed Le Head, Divine Canvas, London
  • Baron, A True Love Tattoo, London
  • Sergi Besa, Working Class Tattooist, Nine, Brighton
  • Inma, The Family Business
  • Dan Gold, Monsters Of Art, London
  • Silvia Zed, New Wave Tattoo, London
  • Adam Collins, New Wave Tattoo, London
  • Wayne Grace, New Wave Tattoo, London
  • Luca Ortis, New Wave Tattoo, London
  • Rose Whittaker, Haunted Tattoos, London
  • Allan Graves, Haunted Tattoo, London
  • David ‘Hash’ Ashdown, Northside Tattooz
  • Ferank Manseed, Northsize Tattooz
  • Ric O Shea, Pure Gallery, Whitley Bay
  • Kate Lomax
  • Banjoey Ramone
  • Tiffany Page
  • Folk Grinder
  • Tamara D’silver
  • DJ Jon Clay
  • Hayley, Amy and Kelly For being the Skunx and day of the dead girls
  • Tasha for Stilt walking
  • Wish for working on the door

All thats left now is to wish Nick the best of luck on the walk which he leaves for in two weeks. We’re still taking donations on the just giving page to really try and raise as much money as we possibly can for the Mantle Cell Lymphoma trials unit at Plymouth hospital.